About us

We are a small charity located in North-East Fife Scotland. Our aims are:


1. The name of the project shall be Monimail Tower Project II hereinafter called “the project”.
2. The objects of the project shall be:-
2.1 To promote the benefit of persons who are presently undergoing a period of mental stress, without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, by associating with local authorities and other voluntary organisations in a common effort to provide facilities in the interest of the social welfare of, and with the object of improving conditions of life for the said persons.
2.2 To promote the advancement of knowledge in the fields of horticulture and related fields, particularly for those whose environment does not give them the opportunity to experience these things.
2.3 For the benefit of the public to promote, encourage and engage in, either on its own or in conjunction with others, the restoration, refurbishment, preservation and maintenance of Monimail Tower, Monimail, by Letham, Fife, including adjacent lands and buildings and access thereto, by whatever means the project thinks fit.
2.4 To secure the establishment and management of a residential centre for activities promoted by the project in furtherance of the above objects or any of them.